Docker Command Overview

December 7, 2019 DevOps 1 minute, 1 second

See Full CLI reference for a comprehensive documentation

Command Result
docker version Get version info about docker
docker info Get overview of different docker info
docker ps List running containers
docker ps -a List all existing containers
docker system df Get storage usage of Docker
docker system top Get running process of a container
docker stats List live stream of container usage

Command Result
docker volume ls List all docker volumes
docker volume inspect VOLUME-ID List detailed volume information

Command Result
docker image ls List local images
docker rmi IMAGE-ID Remove specified image
docker image prune Remove unused images
docker image prune -a Remove all images

Command Result
docker exec -it CONTAINER-ID [bash|sh] Log into the container
docker exec CONTAINER-ID command Executes command in the container

Command Result
docker stop $(docker ps) Stops all running containers
docker rm $(docker ps -q) Removes all containers
docker rm $(docker image ls -q) Deletes all images

Alternative for Docker API 1.25 and greater:

Command Result
docker system prune Removes unused data
docker system prune -a Removes unused data but not just dangling images