Linux and open source enthusiast.
Wants to automate everything.
Thinks modal editing is superior to escape meta alt control shift 😃
Believes in the only true file format - plain text.
You live and learn.

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The intention behind this page is that I can remember things I discovered during my journey and to share my experience and tricks I made with you. I structured the topics in the folowing five categories:

  • Application

    Everything related to applications, e.g their installation, configuration, or usage

  • DevOps

    Tools and techniques in the area of DevOps, e.g. automation and infrastructure setup of linux and containerized environments

  • Linux

    Experience from my Linux usage in the past decade, both on the server and on the client side

  • Personal

    Personal stuff or opinions and other non categorized articles

  • Programming

    Some hints on different programming topics I dealt with

How is this page built?

Please have a look at Why Grav where I illustrate the reasons for building this webpage the way is is built.